The job I do has many names: Script Supervisor, Continuity, Continuity Supervisor,... In Flanders the job is mostly referred to as just 'script' among crew and then there's the archaic 'script girl'. One production wanted to have some fun and tried to credit me as 'script boy'.

The fourth episode of the 25th series of Never Mind the Buzzcocks (broadcast on 24 October 2011) had the magician Dynamo in Noels team. Dynamo performed some illusions on screen, but aside from the very visual tricks, he did one that wasn't even mentioned during the episode.

I'm catching up with the brilliant Flemish series Quiz Me Quick. The show is about a team of 5 guys competing in table quizzes. I can definitely recommend the show so let's hope it will be released with English subtitles or get a remake.

Lately I've gotten addicted to an app called 'Memory Trainer'. It's developed by Urbian, Inc and can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

In the first episode of season 21: "Homer the Whopper", Homer is cast as the lead in a superhero movie. He is helped by a personal trainer to get him into shape. When the personal trainer leaves, Homer starts eating again. As a result there's a huge problem with continuity.

During the past year I logged every single thing I watched. I noted down the title, the date I watched it on, if it was film or tv, the runtime and the medium (what I watched it on or which cinema I watched it in). Since I don't have a tv I watch a lot of tv through online services like BBC iPlayer or DVD's. I ended up with a huge list of data which I'll spare you, but I have compiled them into a few charts. These are the results. (Note: All the percentages are based on runtimes.)