Lately I've gotten addicted to an app called 'Memory Trainer'. It's developed by Urbian, Inc and can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.
Frequent exercises help to improve and strengthen your memory. The app has six different exercises designed for specific skills: spatial memory, working memory, chunking, concentration, focus,...
Some exercises are easy, like Numberz and To-Doku. They make you remember numbers or a to do list. Others are more difficult, like N-Back. Each 'session' of the app consists of three of these exercises. These have varying difficulties going from 1 to 20. While playing the game you go through the different difficulties. There's also the possibility to choose a specific exercise and difficulty.
For each exercise there's an explanation how it works and there's some extra information about the memory along with some general tips. I have been trying to do a session a day since I downloaded it and it seems to me like it's having a good effect. I can recommend it to everyone.

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