The job I do has many names: Script Supervisor, Continuity, Continuity Supervisor,... In Flanders the job is mostly referred to as just 'script' among crew and then there's the archaic 'script girl'. One production wanted to have some fun and tried to credit me as 'script boy'.
Whenever I tell people what I do, I always watch out what I say. When I say I'm a Script Supervisor, they think I write or edit scripts. When I say I work in continuity, they might think I work in TV as a continuity announcer. 'Script Supervisor' would also imply that the job is only about the script, while it's so much more than that.
This is why I prefer to use 'Continuity Supervisor', a title also used by Avril Rowlands in her book about continuity. It seems like this is the most clear and accurate description of what I do.

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