Mr Nobody is a surreal film starring Jared Leto as a man who doesn't want to make choices and therefore lives all the lives he could possibly lead. The viewer and the main character switch between these different lives and realities. There are some impressive cuts to go from one reality to the other.
In these different realities he marries three different girls. In a nice visual touch, the girls each have a colour they wear a lot: yellow, blue and red. Their scenes heavily feature that colour, which is a good way to distinguish who the main character is married to at that point. 
In one scene he's with Elise, his 'blue' wife in the bedroom. He looks out the window and sees some guys taking out the road (his world).
When he looks back, Elise has been replaced by Jean, along with yellow bedding (her colour). The scene cuts closer to her, still in the blue room.
After that, the film continues with the two of them in their normal house in the 'yellow' reality. It all lasts a few seconds but it makes for a nice change between the two realities.

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