Some time ago I made a blog post about a continuity joke in Young Frankenstein. Mel Brooks would do something similar a few years later in Robin Hood: Men in Tights. The film is Mel Brooks' parody of the Robin Hood legend. It came out in 1993, 2 years after the Kevin Costner movie Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves so it spoofs a lot of elements from that film. One of these is a continuity error.
In Prince of Thieves there's a mole on Alan Rickman's face that changes around. To spoof this, Prince John has a huge mole on his face that changes around during the entire movie.
The first scene he's in, it's on his left cheek:
In all the scenes after that it appears on a different part of his face.
In his last scene it gets really ridiculous:
As in Young Frankenstein, it's talked about in the movie:
SHERIFF: "Stop me if I'm wrong about this, but wasn't your mole on the other side?"
PRINCE JOHN: "I have a mole?"

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