I'm starting a series of interviews with different people working in film. I'll be talking to people in the UK and in Belgium. The first one is Jonas Govaerts. We met on the set of his tv series "Monster!", which was about a crazy director making bad movies in his back yard. Aside from that Jonas plays guitar in the band The Hickey Underworld.
-Can you tell us something about yourself?
My name is Jonas Govaerts, and I'm a short film, music video and tv director from Antwerp, Belgium. I hope to shoot my first full length feature, CUB, this summer. It's a horror film set in a scout camp. 

- What was the first film you ever worked on? How did you get where you are right now?
I've only ever worked on my own stuff, really. The first short I'm actually proud of is called "Mobius" and can be found on Youtube (here). It was based on a short story by Richard Christian Matheson, one of my favorite writers. At first, he threatened to sue me (I was still in school back then, and didn't ask for his permission) but once he saw the film, we became friends. I've met him when I was out in LA, and he's even doing a polish of CUB. To answer your second question, I'm not quite sure where I am right now, and even less sure on how I got here!

-Can you explain why you have such a fascination with B-movies?
I discovered Evil Dead 2 in the local video store when I was 16, and just fell in love, not just with the film itself, but with the execution. You could really tell the filmmakers were having a good time. That's when I decided to go to film school. Never looked back...

Chiel Van Berkel as Ad-Harry Schredder in "Monster!"
-Your TV series "Monster!" is about Ad-Harry Schredder making films in his back yard. How much are you like him?
More than I'd like to admit... I get a real kick out of having no money but going out and making something anyway. Usually, the finished product has more energy to it than a big budget video, because everyone on set is full of adrenalin! 

-What is your dream production? Who would you like to work with, living or dead?
There are a few books I'd love to adapt, by writers like Christopher Fowler, David J. Schow, Clive Barker, RC Matheson ofcourse... But I'd have to say CUB is my dream project. It's actually quite autobiographical, even though it's a horror movie! Oh, and I'd love to work with my mancrush Mickey Rourke one day. 

Music video for the Belgian band Creature with the Atom Brain
-What was the most fun to do?
Probably "Monster!" I doubt if I'll ever get so much freedom on a set ever again. I saw it as a real Roger Corman production: limited resources, but lots of talented people, motivation and wild ideas on set. I had a blast. 

-What is your next project?
I'm doing two more music videos, one for Belgian band The Van Jets, one for American rapper R.A. The Rugged Man, and then hopefully I get to shoot CUB in the summer.

As of publishing, the music video for The Van Jets is finished:

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