Young Frankenstein is Mel Brooks' horror parody starring Gene Wilder as a descendant of Dr. Victor Frankenstein. Among all the great jokes making fun of the genre there's one involving continuity.
Frankensteins assistant Igor (played by Marty Feldman) has a very visible hump on his shoulder.
In one of the scenes the hump is suddenly on his other shoulder. Frankenstein tries to point it out:
FRANKENSTEIN: Didn't you... didn't you use to have that on the other side?
IGOR: What?
FRANKENSTEIN: Oh, never mind.
The story goes that Marty Feldman changed his hump to the other side to check if anyone would notice. Mel Brooks decided to point it out and make a joke out of it.
Alison O'Neill
20/2/2013 04:13:15 am

Hi Rik
I like this subtle joke but is it not lost to anyone unfamiliar to continuity or am I being naive and missing the point?

2/9/2013 03:07:17 pm

Interesting read.

3/10/2013 03:40:25 am

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