There was a continuity joke in the second episode of Charlie Brookers crime drama parody A Touch of Cloth.
Cloth is giving a press conference about the case, answering the questions of some strange reporters. He wants to finish the press conference and walk away and the last one to ask him questions is 'Connor Tinuity, Next Scene Inquisitor'
Connor looks a lot like someone doing continuity and the following exchange happens:
Connor Tinuity: "Connor Tinuity, Next Scene Inquisitor. Where are you going now?
Jack Cloth: "To see a retired former detective raking leaves in his garden. Is that enough for you?
Connor Tinuity: "Does he have gloves on?"
Jack Cloth: "Yes!"
Connor Tinuity: "What colour?"
Jack Cloth: "Blue! Satisfied?"
After this, it of course cuts to a retired former detective raking leaves in his garden wearing blue gloves

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