A new series of A Touch of Cloth, another continuity joke. Last season made reference to continuity through the character 'Connor Tinuity', this time they went for a more classic approach.

Some time ago I made a blog post about a continuity joke in Young Frankenstein. Mel Brooks would do something similar a few years later in Robin Hood: Men in Tights. The film is Mel Brooks' parody of the Robin Hood legend. It came out in 1993, 2 years after the Kevin Costner movie Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves so it spoofs a lot of elements from that film. One of these is a continuity error.

In the season 4 episode "The Problem Solvers" Liz is talking about actors.

Young Frankenstein is Mel Brooks' horror parody starring Gene Wilder as a descendant of Dr. Victor Frankenstein. Among all the great jokes making fun of the genre there's one involving continuity.

There was a continuity joke in the second episode of Charlie Brookers crime drama parody A Touch of Cloth.

The fourth episode of the 25th series of Never Mind the Buzzcocks (broadcast on 24 October 2011) had the magician Dynamo in Noels team. Dynamo performed some illusions on screen, but aside from the very visual tricks, he did one that wasn't even mentioned during the episode.

In the first episode of season 21: "Homer the Whopper", Homer is cast as the lead in a superhero movie. He is helped by a personal trainer to get him into shape. When the personal trainer leaves, Homer starts eating again. As a result there's a huge problem with continuity.

There was a small continuity joke in a recent 30 rock episode. (Spoilers)